Monday, January 30, 2012

Latest Project

I took some time off over December and January and am just getting back into painting again now.  I know lazy; but I just wasn't feeling like it so didn't.  I think I needed a break.
One of my classmates had emailed me telling me that I needed to talk to the teacher about an exhibition starting tomorrow, so I got busy and more or less finished the one horse picture that I had started.  It still needs a few finishing touches; but I took it down today and the teacher approved it and had it hung up before I had finished paying for the next semesters classes.
I think I will still have him do a longer critique of it and give me some pointers on a few finishing touches that I think it might need; but for the moment it is hanging in the exhibition.

It is done in oils on a wooden "canvas" then covered with tin foil and painted on.