Sunday, March 11, 2012

Second Horse Finished

I finally finished my second horse painting, so they both are done and are hanging on our walls.
I am not as happy with the second one as I was with the first; but then they are very different views of the animal.  The first one was more of a close up of the head; whereas this one is the whole body set further back into the background.

Here it is:  The Veinto Dos

In class I will now be working on the second of the set of 3 Blue Door paintings.  I basically didn't do anything in class for 2 sessions as I was waiting for the fellow to finish building my canvas as I wanted a very specifac size and depth.  I wanted the 2 smaller ones to be exactly 1/2 the size of the main one.  I finally picked them up from him last Thursday and have transferred my drawing onto 1 of them so am ready to go for class on Tuesday.

At home I have been running around doing stuff and haven't been doing much on the first Blue Door painting either.  I kind of blocked in the green for the vines; but other than that haven't done much of anything on it.
Here is how it looks now.  A ton of work to do on it yet.