Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Favorite Things

First of all Happy Valentines Day to all.  May your day be wonderful.

A couple of my favorite things are old doors and the colour blue, now if you put those 2 things together you know I am going to sit up and take notice.

Way back in 2006 we stayed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA for a couple of weeks.  We did the usual tourist things of going to museums, galleries, etc..  For me the best thing we did there was explore Old Town Albuquerque.  We both loved it and returned there several times.

While we were wandering, naturally as any tourist does I was snapping pictures.  A couple of my favorite photos were of, yup you guessed it, old blue doors.

I kept those photos thinking that someday I would blow them up and frame them; but never did.

When we first came to Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, where we have now lived for over 6 years, we spent a lot of time wandering around exploring our new home and I took another photo of an old blue door.

So I have had these photos hanging around for 6 years or so and still have done nothing with them.

When I was digging through my photos for something different to paint, in other words something non animal I came across these old photos and decided to do my favorite of them.  Then I dug around some more and re-found the other 2 and decided to do a set of 3 blue doors.

The one I have started, in oils, and have the base coat blocked in on will the be biggest one as it has 2 double doors which are closed.  Of the other 2 one also has 2 doors; but 1 is open and the other only has 1 door.
So eventually, if I don't get sidetracked or tired of the project there will be a series of 3 blue doors.  Considering how slowly I work and how much tiny detail there is on these doors it may take me years lol.

Here is the beginning of the first and biggest one, it is approximately 40 cm. x 60 cm. x 5 cm..  The other 2 will be approx. 30 cm x 38 cm. x 5 cm. and will hang one on each side of the bigger one.
Sorry the photo is really crooked.

This is a copy of my photo of the door.

Have a good day.