Thursday, August 29, 2013

Second Attempt Finished

Well, I was really not happy with the first attempt I made of the painting for my grand daughter so decided to try again.

I finished it today, or I think I have.  I am happier with this one; although I still see places where I could have improved it if I would have noticed sooner.  Oh well.

See what you think of the second version.

Here is the first version.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dogs Commission

I am back, I was away for a couple of months as my spouse was having some health issues; but things are back to normal now and hopefully I can get back into my artwork.
I did manage to do a pastel painting for my newest grand daughter while I was gone; but because of lack of materials with me, etc., it is not the greatest.  My daughter in law does not care for the paper type I used so I may end up doing it over again.  Here is the one I left with her, not sure if she will frame it or not or wait for me to do another.  That is on the back burner at the moment though as I have a couple of commission paintings to do.

This is the one that the grand daughter has at the moment or until I get a better one done now that I am at home.

This is the commissioned painting of a couple of dogs I have been working on.  At this point I have set it aside for a few days to see if I want to call if finished or make some more alterations.

3 photos to show how it progressed from beginning to maybe the end.

The possible finished painting.