Thursday, August 29, 2013

Second Attempt Finished

Well, I was really not happy with the first attempt I made of the painting for my grand daughter so decided to try again.

I finished it today, or I think I have.  I am happier with this one; although I still see places where I could have improved it if I would have noticed sooner.  Oh well.

See what you think of the second version.

Here is the first version.


Barb said...

Very nice! But you know what? I like the first one better. I like the trees in the background as well as the brighter colours.

Brenda Maas said...

That is interesting Barb.
I thought the first one was too vivid for a babys room and the more pastel, calmer one more fitting lol.
I wonder which one the daughter in law will prefer?
Thanks for commenting.

diverdoug said...

I think you are quite talented and patient Brenda. After seeing the 2 paper types, the 2nd is an improvement for smoothness as well as milder/calmer colors. You remind me of my grandma, who wasn't afraid to start new hobbies at 60, 70, even 80 years old!

Brenda Maas said...

Thanks Doug. Your grandma sounds like quite a lady. I bet she was an interesting lady also.

Barb said...

I don't think it's too vivid, at all. I've read that babies like bright colours.
Think about the major toy companies. I expect they've put a lot of dollars into researching what colours are best and they pretty much all use bright, eye-popping colours.
Both pictures are beautiful and I'm sure they'll both be loved.

Brenda Maas said...

So true Barb. All toys, etc. are bright, eye popping colours for children aren't they.
Somehow it just didn't look right to me.
Anyway she has the one and the other one is on its way to her, so she can decide lol, her problem now lol.