Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gift For My Newest Granddaughter

I wanted to do a picture for my newest granddaughter.
I thought I would try one a little more involved; but I was not really happy with the end result.  I had trouble with all the fine details with the pastels.  Oh well, it was good practice if nothing else.


Gloria said...

Brenda, this is going to be a great blog. I'll be sure to let people know about it if it's okay with you. I think it's great. You should join the Paint Party Friday, it's only once a week and you'll get lots of people to see your art. Join, join, join.:))I love your new blog and I shall follow you. You are a very good artist. I wish I could paint like you. Wow, great work. Yay!! Have a great rest of the week. I love your hummingbirds. Very nice.

Brenda said...

Hi Gloria, my first commenter on the new blog. Welcome.
Tell anyone you like about the blog. I have thought of joining PPF; but I work so slowly that I wouldn't have anything to post every week I don't think. Not a finished product anyway. Thanks for the invite and I will think about it.
Thanks for the lovely compliments, I always think the same thing about your art lol. It is so lovely and expressive and seems to flow from you so easily; although I am sure it looks easier than it is lol.
Have a great day and weekend.