Friday, June 3, 2011

Almost; But Not Quite Done

I have been working on a pastel painting of a Bird of Paradise flower that I took a photo of in my friends garden awhile back.
This is not quite done; but it is getting there.  A few finishing touches to put on it today and hopefully I can say it is done tomorrow.
I have some sheets of 300 lb. watercolour paper here that I dragged with me from Canada when we moved.  They have been sitting wrapped up since then so I decided I would see how I liked doing a pastel painting on it. I have mixed reactions, it is different and works better to blend with a stump or cotton tip than my finger, I like using my fingers so I have had to adjust to that.  All in all it is OK; and will probably try this paper again sometime.
I also tried, only on the background, brushing it with water to get a different effect.  I wasn't all that struck by it  when it dried  so I went over it again with pastels, mainly because of my colour choice.
I think that using the water technique is a good one on this paper and it would do away with the need to spray the finished painting with fixative, so may do that again the next time I use this type of paper.  I don't think it would work on a thinner paper though.
So here is the almost done painting.


Gloria said...

I love this flower. It's a beauty. I've tried to grow them before to no avail. You've done a fine job painting it though. Great job! Have a wonderful weekend.

Brenda said...

Hi Gloria, I love them too. Thanks for your comment.
Have a good weekend.