Thursday, July 28, 2011

Painting In Progress Post

I have kind of been missing around this blog this month.  I have been busy going to class 4 days a week and not really accomplishing much at home either, just being lazy I guess.
Yesterday I brought home the oil painting of the Bird of Paradise flower that I have been working on in class.  I still have class today; but wanted to bring the painting home while it was kind of dry to the touch so I didn't work on it yesterday.  I took a pastel of a cat that I have been working on at home and meant to work on that; but when I arrived everyone was sitting around the table and visiting and having snacks for the end of class "party".  We snacked and chatted and I discussed my ideas for the September class with the teacher.  He had suggested that a couple of us that have now taken both his classes start working on some new to us techniques.  One he suggested was using aluminium foil,  another lady and I liked the idea of trying this so I showed the teacher some pictures I was thinking of using for this technique and he approved one of them.  So I will be trying to paint a unique flower with oil in this technique come September.  Should be interesting.
I will continue working on the oil of the Bird of Paradise painting at home and hopefully sometime this century will finish it.  Can anyone say "Toooooo many leaves"????   Some of the leaves have a base coat and 2 or 3 other green colour coats on them now and none of them are done yet.  I haven't even begun to work on the bloom part as I wanted to get all the leaves done first.
Here is the progress so far.  Comments and critiques welcome as always.

I seem to have a problem with my books eating my bookmarks or something.  They just seem to disappear into space somewhere, kind of like the clothes dryer eating 1 of each pair of your socks, not that I have this problem anymore as #1 I don't have a clothes dryer here and #2 I rarely wear socks anymore.  I guess the gods have now realized this and have moved on to my bookmarks.  I can never seem to find one so last night I decided to make a bright coloured one that maybe?? I will be able to find easier when it goes missing.  It is definitely not a work of art; but should be find-able or so I hope.  If not I can just make another and another and another.


Barb said...

I had never noticed the shape of the flower and thought its name came from being so colourful. Seeing the very clear image of the bird in your unfinished painting makes me see the plant in a whole new way. Thanks for sharing.

I think your new bookmark is too pretty and your bookmark thief is going to take it. I just use a small scrap of paper, even a grocery store receipt. Nobody swipes those. :-)

Brenda said...

Hi Barb, yes, it a a very interesting flower when you dissect it lol.
Lots of work on this painting yet, but poco a poco.
Roy says I should blame the missing bookmarks on our house geckos lol and perhaps he is right. Hopefully this bright one will be around for a bit.
With all the E readers now I think bookmarks will become a thing of the past in a few years; but I am still being old school in my reading habits.
Have a good day.

1st Mate said...

My bookmarks keep disappearing too! And no, I'm not hinting I'd like you to make me one. I would really hate it if one of your originals ended up in the black hole with the rest. I agree, grocery receipts are the way to go. Inelegant but free.