Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birds, Birds, Birds

I felt like trying something a little different size wise lately and I had a few photos that I liked and wanted to paint in pastels.

I decided to try a set of birds in a 5 x 7 inch size and so far I have finished 3 of the 4 that I have planned.

This size is probably not a size I will do often when I finish the 4 th of this set.  I had a hard time doing the fine details and have decided to try doing a couple in 8 x 10 inch size next to see how I like that.

I enjoy doing the 11 x 14 size; but by the time you mat them and frame them they end up being quite large, which can be a bit off putting if you have wall space restrictions like I do.

As always I am open to criticisms and comments.

In other news, I renewed my living permit for another year here in Mexico and this year I also applied for and received permission to sell my artwork.

There is a small sale over in the tourist town close to us this coming Saturday and I am trying to get up the nerve to take some of my stuff over there and see what kind of comments I get.  As the winter people or "snowbirds" have not yet arrived there will be a small crowd, which should be easier for me for a first time showing.

Wish me luck.

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