Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

It doesn't seem like that long ago that I posted; but I see by the date that it is.

I have been keeping busy, mostly with my painting, much to the dismay of the housecleaning.  Well, what is more interesting?  Now really, not much of a question is it?

I am still going to class at the Casa de la Cultura twice a week.  This semester the days have been changed to Mon. and Wed. so that took some getting used to.

There I am still working on the 3rd Blue Door painting, it seems I am getting no where fast on that one.    Lots of detail on that one also, trying to make it look like a hand carved door from many years ago.  Oh well, I suppose slow and sure will eventually get it done.  It seems like I have been working on Blue Doors forever.  When this one is done I am going to stop doing doors for a bit.

At home I have been doing some pastels and some oils.

The Tiger that I did, sold the first day that I posted it on my Facebook page and I really liked that one, so I am trying another one.  This time a baby one.  Not much done on it yet, so no photo; but I intend to work on it tomorrow for a bit.

I am also doing an oil, (on a wood panel) of the boat at night that I did a pastel painting of.  I really like this photo and thought I would like to try it in oils, so I am.

At home I am also working on the oil, (on canvas) of the church at Magdalena, Sonora.  It is coming along and I now have a lot of it base coated.  I need to work more on the church now as it is behind the trees, foliage, etc. in the photo.

WIP- Waiting for Daylight - Oil on wood panel

WIP - Church at Magdalena, Sonora - Oil on canvas

Yesterday I took some of my Pastel Paintings to a small sale over in San Carlos.  This sale is not the greatest venue for selling art as it is a sale of mostly used articles.
I did sell a couple of the small bird pastels, so that was good.
Not sure if I will go to this sale again or not.  The person running this event is hoping to get a once a month art only sale going; so I will wait and see what happens with that.

Tomorrow I am going to go to the first meeting of the year for the San Carlos Art League.  I have never been to any of their meetings before so am not sure if I will join or not.  They meet once a week for class/meeting, etc..  I will see what I find out tomorrow before deciding if I want to join and go there once a week or not.

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