Thursday, October 27, 2016

More 31 in 31 Photos

I keep forgetting to add the photos of what I have been playing around with for the 31 pastel paintings in 31 days.  Here are a few more.
I won't have 31 done in 31 as I took a few days off for a sore tooth and then a sore mouth after I had it extracted and a few other things got in the way of painting.  I have one started of some Mandarin Ducks that I probably won't get finished by the 31 st as I will be busy this weekend.  Oh well, it was a fun challenge and I enjoyed it.

 Monochrome - 3 values of blue

Colour Triad - dark value purple, mid
value green, light value peach

Monochrome Pink - 3 values of pink

Max the cat, I worked on this one for a couple of days.  Max is sold.


Daisy, this was actually a card that I did for my sister


This one was an experiment using different mediums to create a more textured paper to work on.  I later scrubbed it off and re did a different one on the same paper, as I didn't like it.

This is what I did on the above one after I scrubbed it off. This is sold.


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