Friday, October 7, 2011

Chad Finished-- For Sure This Time

Well, I waited for a week or so and finally got up the nerve to take the pastel painting of Chad to class and show it to my teacher for his suggestions.

He suggested I lighten the background a bit more if I wanted Chad to pop out more, he also suggested that I darken some areas that I had already thought were too dark.

I brought it home and Roy resisted any changes as he liked it the way it was.  I was of two minds.  I did lighten the background and do like that better as he does seem to jump out of the page more.  I also added his whiskers which I hadn't wanted to do before I decided I was done with him.
I also darkened the areas the teacher suggested and to be honest I am not really happy with it.  I took off some of it and decided to hit the finish button in my head and be done with him.  He is after all, just for practice, so he is not perfect; but then neither am I.

Here is the now finished and sprayed Chad.  Which do you prefer?  This one or the one in the post below?

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