Monday, October 10, 2011

W I P - (Work In Progress)-- Spaz

I have started another Pastel painting and yes, it is another cat lol.  Do you see a trend here??

This one is my daughter in laws cat Spaz.  Spaz owned my daughter in law for around 19 years and as Spaz passed away this summer I am doing a picture of him as a gift for her.  She misses him a lot.

The picture I have is not the greatest for the eyes, so I am kind of winging it there and for me that is tough.  I always have trouble with the eyes, so winging it with them is not something that I am enjoying; but it is coming along.

I have probably worked on this for about 10 to 15 hrs. now and have probably that much time to go yet before it is finished.

Here is the picture of Spaz that I am working from:  As you can see the eyes are a problem and the back shadow doesn't help either..

Here is the beginning of my painting:

Lots of work and adjustments to do yet; but have a start on it anyway.

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