Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mural -- Background Is In

Ok, I have been working outside on the mural.  Not lots of hours as remember it is pretty warm here right now; although the humidity isn't bad yet.  Today it is 35 Celsius right now, which is more or less 95 F..  I try to start in the morning after the patio has some shade and then work for a while at it.

At this point it basically looks like a big mess, as this is just the background colour, about the only thing that is almost done is the seagull in the top left hand corner, so lots of work to do yet.  I am hoping to beat the humidity; but not sure if I will or not.

I am not liking working with the acrylic house paint, it is so different from oil paint.  It dries soooo fast that I have exactly ZERO time to do any shading so that is going to be a big problem when it comes to the finishing work.  Not sure how I am going to get around that one.  Anyone have any ideas???

Ok here are some photos of it in progress, as I want to keep track of how it is going.

This is where it is situated on the wall, basically between the propane tank and the electrical breaker box.  The door to the apartment is on the right hand side of the breaker box.

The seagull, the only thing almost finished in the whole painting.

The whole mural.

The dark line close to the bottom is the seawall and in front of it is the bay, Guaymas Bay.  A lovely place to relax in the evenings.


Gloria said...

Your wip is looking great Brenda. It is going to be just beautiful. Maybe you should paint the propane tank to go with the painting? Love it!

Brenda Maas said...

Thanks Gloria.
I can't paint the tank as when it is empty the company just exchanges it and we get a different one. I am sure they would think I was crazy if they came to change tanks and it was all painted up lol lol.
Have a good evening.

1st Mate said...

Hi, Brenda
That acrylic stuff is pretty hard to work with, but at least you can cover over any mistakes pretty easily. I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far. This is the first landscape I've seen of yours and looks like you've got a handle on it.

Brenda Maas said...

Hi 1st Mate, yes I am really not enjoying the acrylic at all lol; but if I don't like the end result I will just paint over it.
As to having a handle on it, I am not so sure. So far that is just the foundation colour on the mountains, now comes the hard part. We shall see.
I want to keep taking progress pictures though so I can see where I go wrong.
Have a great week. Why don't you come to Spanish class one of these days and we can go for lunch afterwards or a coffee or something.