Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Still Here And Still Painting

I am still here and also am still painting; although I am not finishing too much, works in progress.

In between working on the 2 in oils at home and 1 oil at class, I have been playing around with the pastels at home also.

Here are some photos of the "in progress" at work.  I haven't taken my camera to class and taken a photo there and probably won't.  The one in class is coming along quite well I think and the ones at home, well maybe not so much, not sure yet.

This is a pastel painting.  I belong to an amateur photo group here in Guaymas and one of the ladies posted a lovely photo of a sunset sky with the cactus looking black in the setting sun.  I am not happy with it at this point; but am unsure of how to fix the sky, so I am just looking at it for the moment, it may end up in the garbage, its fate is uncertain at this point.

This one is just a fast little seascape that I made up in my head.  I need to darken the water a bit by the mountain reflections and perhaps tone down the mountain in the middle distance.  It is sitting here and I am just looking at it also.  It may get thrown in the garbage can yet too, its fate is uncertain also.

This is the oil I am working on at home.  It is one of the 3 paintings I am doing of Blue Doors.  It still needs some of the shading on the door, the door handle, the tree branches that are on one side of it and some of the highlights added, so lots to do on it yet.

So that is what I have been up to.  If anyone has some ideas of how to fix or do something on any of these, please leave me a comment.


Gloria said...

Brenda, these don't need fixing up. They are excellent pieces. I love that door. You are a very talented artist. Send some of that artistry out this way.:)

Brenda Maas said...

Thanks Gloria. The door I am still working on, it is missing the tree on the left hand side yet.

You certainly don't need any more artistry sent your way, you are so talented already.

Take care.