Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Driving Me Crazy

The pastel painting I am attempting of Heinrichs Christ at 33 yrs. is driving me insane.  I am sure of it.  There is something or perhaps many things that are SO wrong with this painting; especially with either his eyes or maybe the whole face.
I pulled it out again today and did some more work on it; but it only looks slightly better.  I started art classes again and last Wednesday I discussed this work with my art teacher.  I am going to take it to him and see if he thinks it is salvageable or garbage.  He is extremely particular so I know that he will tell me what he thinks, in a nice way ha ha.

Naturally any suggestions you have are welcome.

This is what it looks like today after I worked on it a bit more.

This is what it looked like the other day when I posted it.


Barb said...

Ok, here's what I noticed on taking a closer look. His mouth appears to be in the wrong place. His cupid's bow is directly beneath the tip of his nose which would be right if he was looking straight on. But he's looking sideways so the bow should be a bit to the left. Our left. His right.

I like what you did with the beard and hair around His face. Much better.

Brenda Maas said...

Thanks Barb, hmmm you might have something there in what you say about the lips.
There is something seriously off to me about his eyes also. I am not sure if it is the size, or that the eyelashes don't show up or perhaps the shadow on his eyelids is too dark.
I don't know, I am going to take it to class with me on Monday and see what my teacher says. It will either get fixed or garbaged lol.

Barb said...

Looked closer at his eyes. I think the other eye should have the darker upper lid since it's on the shadowed side. And the left (our left) eyebrow seems to be thicker and shaped differently.

Ok. That's all I'm going to

Brenda Maas said...

Ok thanks Barb, lol

1st Mate said...

Depending on your religious upbringing, there's a lot of emotional baggage attached to doing this particular subject. I would tend to give him more wrinkles around the eyes, like he's spent time outdoors, make him look more approachable and less perfect but again that's just my opinion.Do not garbage it! Give it to Lolita, maybe.She would love it.

Brenda Maas said...

I took it to class the other night, so my teacher gave me some suggestions to try. I am going to try his ideas and see what happens.
It is supposed to be for Roys daughter, she asked me if I would do it for her.
Yes, lots of baggage attached to this particular attempt, I am trying to stay detached and not put my spin on it as she wants a rendition that looks like her print of the original painting. Soooo, this makes it difficult also.