Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Exhibition At The Casa De La Cultura

   This evening was the opening of the art exhibition for the art classes at the Casa de la Cultura.
 The teacher I go to has a class of "beginners" and a class of "advanced" that goes on Mondays and Wednesdays and another class of both on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  When you have finished the "beginners" class you then move on to the "advanced" class.
 In the "beginners" class you advance through a set lesson plan the teacher has, where you are taught the basics, for your last work of the semester you decide what you want to work on and in what medium, usually either pencil, pastel or oil.
 In the advanced class we begin by deciding on what medium, technique, and type of canvas we want to use.  We discuss it with the teacher and get his ideas and input about the whole process.  We then work on our own, he is always available to show us different things or to offer suggestions/tips/ideas and to let us know when we need to do something differently.  I think he is a good teacher; but I don't have many others to compare him with.  He is patient, knowledgeable and well liked by all.  I believe he took his art training at the Tec de Monterrey in Chihuahua.
   The other teacher also has 2 classes, mostly of children/pre-teens so there are always a fair amount of paintings on display.

Our teacher decided that we should have our semester end mini fiesta today also.  These mini fiestas and exhibitions are the only times during the year that all of his classes get together in a group.  Everyone brings snacks, we set it all out on the tables and dig in.  It is a mixed group of people, some around my age, some teens and some as young as 8 yrs. old.
A good ending or almost ending of this semester.  The "advanced" classes are to go for the next 3 days, for 3 hrs. a day to finish off the paintings that didn't get done.  I have finished all of mine; but am starting on a new one, so will go and get it prepped and ready to go for the next semester which starts February 4 th.

Here are some photos of the exhibition.  Some of the subjects of the paintings might look familiar from other times I have posted photos of other exhibitions.  The members of the "beginners" class often choose a photo from the teachers stock pile, if they don't have something of their own that they really want to do.

Our classroom before the eating began.


Barb said...

Beautiful paintings, all of them, but I especially like the one of Alice walking into the book.

Brenda Maas said...

Barb, that one is/was my favorite also.