Friday, January 24, 2014

WIP- Commission Painting

I have been doing a bit of work on the commission painting.

The mountains are done, maybe.  The sky needs a bit of tweaking.

Today I worked on blocking  in the darks for the grass/shrub/tree areas and also worked some on the water areas.

I am leaving the 2 large trees to do last.

I was going to also block in the shadow areas on the large rock sticking up in the grassy/watery area; but I had a bit of an issue.

  My easel broke.  I have cursed this easel since we bought it.  It has always been unstable and wobbly which I pretty much fixed by adding some shims at the bottom.  A couple of weeks ago the bolt type screw in thingy that holds the top canvas holder in place stripped and so I have been using it by holding the canvas firmly at the top with one hand while trying to paint with the other.
This afternoon the same type of bolt screw thingy that holds the bottom canvas holder tight also stripped and it started sliding down toward the floor.  Luckily my knees were at the same height as the holder and stopped it as I grabbed the canvas.  I was not a happy person at this point.

Tomorrow I will try and find some bolts with the same type threads and if I can't find any I may just end up having a carpenter make me a cheap; but useful tripod type one here.

Anyway here is a photo of the painting up to this point.

Title:  Untitled at the moment
Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Size:  24 x 39.5 inches, (60 x 100 cms.)

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